Is there vairety to Thai food Birmingham?

Thai cuisine is more accurately referred to as five regional cuisines. Thai restaurant Birmingham are plenty in number and are extremely popular. c

Bangkok cuisine of Bangkok and Metropolitan area, almost all of all cuisine base on Chinese and Portuguese influence.

Central Thai cuisine of the flat and wet central rice-growing plains, site of the former Thai kingdoms of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, and the Dvaravati culture of the Mon folks from prior to the arrival of Tai groups in the region.

Isan or northeastern Thai cuisine of a lot more arid Khorat Plateau, similar in culture to Laos and also influenced by Khmer cuisine to its south, as evidenced by the temple ruins from enough time of the Khmer Empire.

Northern Thai cuisine of the verdant valleys and cool, forested mountains of the Thai highlands, once ruled by the former Lanna Kingdom and home to a lot of the ethnic sets of Thailand.

Southern Thai cuisine of the Kra Isthmus which is bordered on two sides by tropical seas, using its many islands and like the ethnic Malay, former Sultanate of Pattani in the deep south.

Generally speaking, Thai food Birmingham is very popular, and one of the UK’s favorites. This is why, there are plenty of Thai restaurants in Birmingham and why Thai food in Birmingham has so much attention.